With V.GAN, you no longer need to compromise to find high quality vegan, sustainable and animal friendly shoes, boots, trainers, beauty, and lifestyle accessories. 100% cruelty free. 100% fashion forward.

Our story

the start of something v.special

Together, we began this journey with you in 2018 to provide animal friendly lifestyle products to the world. We first set our eyes on one of the biggest industry users of leathers, footwear. In four years, we quickly established ourselves as one of the most fashion forward brands in the global vegan community. Our vegan ranges are now sold from our London base across the U.K, Europe, The Americas, Asia & Australasia. More than 50,000 people traverse the planet in our shoes every day. And now, we are expanding your V.GAN options to personal care.

You do not have to harm animals or the planet to have a
great lifestyle.

There is another way – the V.GAN way.

We believe

where we stand

Our entire range of products are "unconditionally vegan" and workers in our vegan approved factories are protected by employment and safety laws. We are an animal and human friendly company.

You do not need to be a vegan to enjoy our PETA approved vegan offerings. In fact, the majority of our customers are simply trying their best to live a cruelty-free lifestyle. You can be certain that anything you add to your wardrobe, home, or beauty regimen is in fact vegan.

Our product

goals and ambitions

Any brand that says they are completely sustainable is not being fully honest. At some point in every brand's
sourcing of materials, product manufacturing, warehousing and shipping there are steps that are likely using fossil fuels. At V.GAN we are doing our best to minimise our footprint in all facets of our brand to deliver product that is not only cruelty free, but earth friendly.

You will find various of our V.GAN FOOTWEAR uses recycled ocean waste for plastic components, our packaging is either made from post consumer waste or recyclable, and we work to source factories where the electricity is sourced from renewable resources as is the case with V.GAN CARE.